Job Title
Outsystems Tech Lead
Office time
MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Job Type
Permanent Remote
31 December, 2020

Company Description

Underauk is the consolidation of years of experience in the IT market.

Our Co-Founders decided to create a business model oriented to the technological market and focused on Outsystems services and human resources.

Underauk is a remote-first company. We aim to deliver the best digital solutions to companies while promoting work-life balance and team spirit among its employees.

Our core value proposition is 100% remote workforce.​ We are dynamic, proactive sharers, flexible schedulers and passionate employees – no matter where we are working.

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So If You Are Someone Who Has

Job requirements:

•    Design and build solutions to implement the requirements set out; 

•    Ensure the implementation of the best practices of software development; 

•    Manage tasks and team to get maximum proficiency; 

•    Test and prepare demonstrations; 

•    Ensure the quality of the code produced; 

•    Ensure technical success and delivery quality. 

•    Technical Skills- Client orientation; 

•    Interpersonal skill; 

•    Logical reasoning and analytical skills; 

•    Problem-solving skills; 

•    Proactivity, sense of responsibility and team spirit.



•    Ownership of overall program delivery. 

•    Project management and delivery practices. 

•    Technical skills in web - Scale Architecture Patterns, Solutions Design, andApplication Performance.) 

•   professional experience in Database MySQL, SQL Server and/or Oracle. 

•    Knowledge or professional Experience of Java and/or .NET. 

•    Knowledge or professional Experience of Frontend HTML, CSS, JavaScript. 

•    Knowledge or professional Experience Developing Mobile Apps with OutSystems. 

•    Certification in OutSystems. 

Additional Requirements:

•    Strong experience in application development and process design, 

•    Project delivery practices (mandatory)

•    OutSystems project experience (mandatory) with certifications; 

•    Experience in delivering robust, scalable architectures and solutions for application performance;

•    Degree in computer science or other technical related fields; 

•    Fluency in English, written and spoken (mandatory); 

•    Experience in Agile methodologies.

Job Responsibilities

Design, size and build a functional and technical OutSystems solution based on business needs and drivers. 

This also includes leading the delivery team, ensuring team work, and controlling progress of the project.

Life at Underauk