About Underauk

Underauk is the consolidation of years of experience in the IT market.

Our founders, working with OutSystems since 2006, decided to create a business model oriented to the technological market and focused on Outsystems services and human resources.

Underauk is a remote-first company. We aim to deliver the best digital solutions to companies while promoting work-life balance and team spirit among its employees.

Our core value proposition is 100% remote workforce. We are dynamic, proactive sharers, flexible schedulers and passionate employees – no matter where we are working.

Our team is able to support clients in every country and every time zone.

Our professionals are certified by OutSystems.

Our specialists develop short-term or long-term projects.

For each client or project, we can provide a team or a remote professional

Our mission

"Promote the motivation, well-being, independence and happiness of those who collaborate with UNDERAUK, delivering quality services".

Our Vision

“To be a reference in remote resources management with high technical competence.”

Our Values

We operate through these values ​​that are at the center of our culture of successful outcomes and focus on delivery.​


Empowering a work-life balance: the well-being of our team is the key to our success.


We’ve got your back: our talent/top team will deliver the right digital solution for you.


We spent time learning our client’s businesses to find a solution that meets their objectives.


We are constantly looking for opportunities and solutions that allow us to respond to market challenges.

About our methodology

Agile Development Lifecycle


Requirements Analysis is the process of defining the expectations of the users for an application that is to be built or modified.


Project planning is the process of establishing the scope and defining the objectives and steps to attain them.

It is one of the most important of the processes that make up project management. The output of the project planning process is a project management plan.


UX Design deals with end-user research, learning the user's needs and goals and making a pleasant experience. UX study the experience about using a product, service or system turning them user-friendly.


Implementation/Coding starts once the developer gets the Design document. The Software design is translated into source code. All the components of the software are implemented in this phase.


Once the product is tested, it is deployed in the production environment or first UAT (User Acceptance testing) is done depending on the customer expectation.

Track & Monitor

After the deployment of a product on the production environment, maintenance of the product i.e. if any issue comes up and needs to be fixed or any enhancement is to be done is taken care by the developers.

Our team uses the Outsystems platform and methodology agile to deliver robust, reliable, and the utmost effective application solutions, adding value for our customers for years to come.


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