Customer Service

We have a team allocated in different time zones. That’s why we are ​able to support clients in every country and every time zone.

Our Staff

We organize online meetings led by experts that talk about a relevant topic.
It`s this sharing and exchange of knowledge that allows the team to grow and stay motivated.

Our team-building actions are events and face-to-face meetings with our team. We always try to promote team spirit, providing fun moments that increase the motivation of our employees.

One of the tools we used to involve teams is chats.
In fact, we use our chat app for project discussions, but also, to talk about personal things, funny things that happened or concerns about the news.

We hold meetings with our team so that they don’t feel alone. We closely monitor the needs and interests of each one.

We set clear goals and offer space to contribute and be recognized for that. Therefore, on a daily basis, we develop activities that motivate and promote the spirit of our team. We believe that the success and well-being of everyone is the success the team!

Quality Projects

We are the consolidation of years of experience in the IT market and specialized knowledge in Outsystems.

Our professionals are certified by OutSystems and develop short or long term projects.

For each client or project, we can provide a team or a remote professional.

Remote First Approach

We believe in the advantages of remote work. We highlight the main key points; cost reduction on transportation, insurances, lodging and per diems, employee’s work/life balance that leads do happiness and productivity, etc.

Underauk Experts

Our core value proposition is 100% remote workforce.​


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